The Importance of Teeth Cleaning for Your Pet

At Animal Dental Care, we believe that dental cleanings are one of the best forms of preventative oral care. Scheduling regular cleanings for your pet is paramount to preventing gum disease and other oral health issues, like missing and loose teeth. Doing so can also improve your pet's health, and overall eating habits. In addition, eliminating pet gum disease and foul breath can reduce the risk of other, more serious health issues for your pet. Neglecting your pet's oral care can lead to periodontal disease, which can contribute to arthritis, and health issues affecting the lungs, heart, liver and kidneys.

Pet Dental CleaningDental Disease Treatment

The pet dental cleaning services that we provide at Animal Dental Care are designed for both pet owners and veterinary professionals alike. In doing so, we offer a comprehensive seven-step process that avoids the use of anesthesia. Instead, we pride ourselves on using comforting practices and a gentle touch that pets generally respond well to during our cleanings.

Once we are finished, we send your pet on his way with a healthier mouth, and much better smelling breath. In the process they will surely be happier and healthier after getting rid of all the nasty plaque and harmful bacteria that often accumulates in the mouths of animals. With that said our animal oral care services do not stop with the first cleaning. Our next move is to work with your pet's veterinarian in order to ensure regular oral care is performed at home.

Pet Dental Care Demonstrations

In many ways an animal's oral care is not unlike a human's. It requires regular cleaning both at home and performed by a professional. For such reason, our knowledgeable staff at Animal Dental Care offers frequent demonstrations and questions and answers about animal teeth cleaning at various veterinary facilities. We give specific instructions on proper dog dental cleaning techniques, as well as oral care remedies for all kinds of other animals. We service a very broad range of animals.

For over a decade, Animal Dental Care has been educating and performing animal dental cleanings across the country. We currently work with a network of over 300 veterinary facilities that rely on our staff to teach and assist with pet oral care procedures. Helping improve the lives of animals through cleaner, healthier oral care is our passion, and we take pride on in doing so.

For more information on how we can help your pet or veterinary clinic with animal dental care contact us today.

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